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Using Quantum Frequency testing in our state-of-the-art lab we’ll test your hair sample against a number of common food items in order to determine your super abilities.

Get your results, tally your score and discover your super self. As well as receiving your test results, we’ll send you a printable certificate detailing exactly what our top-secret lab has discovered, giving you the opportunity to embrace your superhero alter-ago!

Perfect as a fun gift for family or friends, this interactive test uses medical grade equipment to measure bio-resonance frequencies against know superhero forming items including, Bats, Krypton, Cats and many more.

Items we test

Adamantium One of the strongest metals known to man!
Bats The best friend of any dark knight
Bee Flying insect, often found near flowers where they’re looking for food!
Butterflies Flying insect, you’ll recognise them by their colourful patterned wings!
Cats Our fluffy, feline friends are often found snoozing around the house!
Cheetah Fur The fastest material any wonderful woman could want
Chocolate Either as a drink, as a snack or for dessert.
Cockroach Watch out for these when you’re investigating down in the sewers
Dogs Our mega happy four-legged friends.
Dust Particles from the atmosphere/environment! You don’t want this in your house!
Eel A slimy, slender fish, some people like to eat them!
Fungus You certainly want to avoid Fungus! (Unless it’s mushroom, they’re great on pizza!)
Gold Bright, shiny metal, worth lots and lots of money!
Horses A strong agile mammal, often owned as a pet. Great for riding!
Ivy Could be poisonous for you…
Kevlar Armour needed for protection
Krypton A chemical element used to make lighting. (Also the home a famous Super powered man)
Lead Used for all sorts in construction! You’ll commonly find it on the roof of many houses.
Leather Good costume material
Lizards Be careful, their tongues are super fast
Lucky Clover Leaf A small flower found in fields, if it has four leaves you’re very lucky!
Octopus Can be a distraction for any spider hero…
Penguins Watch out for ones with umbrellas…
Rats A common pest, this rodent isn’t one you’d fancy coming across!
Rope Used by many enemies of superheroes
Rubber A tough elastic found on many items you use on a daily basis.
Snake Bite This is the bane of any heroes life
Spider Bites Ouch! A bite from this eight-legged creepy crawly wouldn’t be nice.
Wasp Sting This could really hinder a hero’s progress
Iron A strong metal, commonly used in construction

Easy to use!

Simply complete your superhero registration, send in your sample, receive your results, work out your superhero rating and complete your certificate.